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The Baby Seeker


Isabella, a young au pair from Brazil, arrives in a small coastal town in the United States, eager to start a fresh chapter of her life with her host family. The mansion she steps into is home to Emily, Martin, their sons Michael and Daniel, and baby Lily. Despite their warm welcome, she senses something isn't right.


Her unease deepens when she meets Agatha, the enigmatic neighbor, and learns about the family's troubled past, including the mysterious disappearance of Daniel's twin brother. As Isabella bonds with Daniel and navigates her growing feelings for Michael, the older brother, she becomes increasingly disturbed by Emily's erratic behavior and the unsettling occurrences around the mansion. The more Isabella uncovers the family's past, the more she realizes she is entangled in something far more sinister than she could have imagined.


Nightmares and hallucinations plague her, revealing glimpses of a dark ritual and an evil force targeting the family. As her mental state deteriorates, she confronts demonic apparitions and the haunting legacy of her own family's past. A climactic confrontation in the woods leads to a desperate battle to destroy a demonic totem and break the curse. Despite her bravery, the evil force persists, driving Isabella to the brink of madness.

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